13 Ways To Turn Your Luck Around

13 Ways To Turn Your Luck Around


The New Year is about renewed optimism and intention for a happy, healthy and prosperous year to come.  For some of us, 2016 was a hard year.  We faced challenges and changes... and somehow, we endured and survived. Luckily, life moves in cycles, and you can switch up your luck.
So, today on Friday the 13th, we are focusing on 2017 as a year of abundance, self-love and self-growth, your luck may just turn around with the right attitude and some easy-to-implement changes.

1.  Positive thinking

The power of our thoughts and actions can flip a negative event or experience, into an opportunity for learning and growth.

2.  Visualization

Creating mental images and foreshadowing positive events in our mind can lead to increased performance and confidence. Competitive athletes and successful professionals alike use these tools to attain personal bests. You can choose to visualize the final outcome, or visual all the steps needed to accomplish a specific goal. 

3.  Create Karma

Pay it forward, volunteer, give back. Good things happen to good people. Create a world you want to live in, and the world will become a loving and lucky place.

4.  Daily affirmations

Affirmations have been shown to rewire our brain chemistry; they release our happy and motivational neurotransmitters. Over time, these small affirmations can accumulate into changing our lives and attaining specific goals.

5.  Exercise

Exercise is one of the great equalizers. Moderate daily exercise is proven to increase moods, energy, boost immune system and increase quality and length of life. What could be luckier than that?

6.  Work smarter & put the time in

Hard work, perseverance and preparation all create opportunity and success.  Creating step-wise mini-goals that are time sensitive can make big dreams become reality.

7.  Gratitude

People who actively express gratitude have more positive moods, sleep better and experience more compassion and kindness.

8.  Write down your goals

Actions start as thought, and are translated into reality through writing them down. Take the time to write out your specific short-term and long-term goals, and lifetime dreams. Revisit these goals in a journal, or put them on your fridge as a daily motivator.

9.  Listen & Be present

Often, we can miss out on lucky opportunities when we are overly stressed, busy, or have our minds fixated on negative thoughts. Take a deep breath, come back into the body, and really listen to yourself, and to others.

10.  Be open & curious

Create new friendships and networks, try new things and put yourself out there. Opportunity doesn’t often knock while you at home binge-watching Netflix.

11. Take care of yourself – mental, physical, spiritual

When our minds and bodies are functioning optimally, we can focus our energy on reaching our full potential. If the body is bogged down with chronic pain, inflammation, or disease,

12.  Learn

Take luck into your own hands and educate yourself in the pursuit of your dreams. Study and read everything you can get your hands on to prepare yourself for when that lucky opportunity arrives.

13.  Nourish Yourself

We know the basics – clean water, colourful fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and  healthy fats. Giving your body and mind the nourishment it needs is foundational to creating the building blocks to luck in every aspect of your life.
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