16 Tips to Getting Organized and Staying That Way

16 Tips to Getting Organized and Staying That Way

Today we are excited to showcase a guest blog post by professiona organizer, Mélanie Higuchi, with Functional Spaces.
Many of you may recognize Mélanie as being a former staff member at Grassroots. Mélanie has since graduated on to starting her own professional organizing business, Functional Spaces. We know first-hand the mad organizing skills this lady has.
When it comes to organizing your space, whether it be your home, office or even your car, she points out, it's one thing to de-clutter and get organized but without the proper process or system in place, you'll be swimming in your organized chaos again in no time. 
She's joining us to today to give us some tips on getting organized.. and staying that way! 

1.  Commit to be organized

If you aren’t ready, it’s not the right time.

2.  Morning Counter Routine

Take 5-10 minutes each morning clearing your kitchen counter. This can happen in 1-2 minute spurts...while your smoothie is blending up, the kettle is boiling or tea is steeping. Once it`s tidied and clear, it`ll be easier to keep it that way.

3.  The 1-in-1-out Rule

This applies to EVERYTHING. For example,if you buy a new piece of clothing, donate an old one.

4.  Acquire less things.  

Buy only what you need.

5.  Two question to ask yourself when de-cluttering

Ask yourself this:  Do I really NEED this item?  When is the last time I ACTUALLY used this?

6.  The One-Month Challenge.

Apply a ribbon/string to each hanger of clothing when you use it. At the end of the month, you will see what clothes you ACTUALLY wear.  Now you can decide what you can part with or donate.

7.  Organizing HACK: Bed Linens

Store folded flat and fitted sheets inside the matching pillow case.  This not only creates a tidy way of stacking, but you will always have the entire bed linen set together.  Never again will you be looking for missing pillow cases etc…

8.  Create a keepsake box/bin for kids crafts.  

Whatever fits in the box you can keep.  If it doesn’t fit, something has to go.  Involve the kids in this process.

9.  Pair down like items all at once.  

For example, tackle all of your handbags at once.  If they are in three different closets, bring them ALL into one room to decide which your favorites to keep are.  Then apply Tip #5 above. :)

10.  Organizing HACK:  Computer cords

Use binder clips to get cords off the floor behind your desk.  Clip them to the back of the desk.

11.  Put your clothes away, right away.  

No more clothes piles on the floor!

12.  Be creative when organizing.  

Use items you already have to keep you organized.  Ie:  use a mason jar as a pen holder.  

13.  Organizing HACK: Labelling cords

Got a mess of cords behind your computer desk or entertainment unit? Use those little plastic clips from your bread bag to label cords.  

14.  Get a laundry sorter!  

Laundry day becomes that much easier when items are pre-sorted.

15.  Organize your fridge!  

I know, who thinks of that.  Store things “Like with Like”.  (ie:  sauces together, veggies together, fruits together etc..)


16.  Avoid storing bulk pantry items in plastic bags.  

Using clear jars/containers and a nifty label maker, your pantry will soon be Pinterest workth. Plus, your items will last longer.

Mélanie can be reached at melanie@functionalspaces.ca for all of your organizing needs! You can also check her out on her Facebook page here.


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