18 Vitamins and Minerals You Should Eat Every Day

18 Vitamins and Minerals You Should Eat Every Day


Eating a balanced and healthy diet is the foundation to good health. Today, we are highlighting some vitamins and minerals that are important for our health and where to find them in our diet. 

1.  Vitamin A

The beautiful yellow pigment found in plants is fantastic to keep skin, eyes and your immune system healthy! Incorporate more carrots, sweet potatoes and spinach into your daily meals.

2.  Vitamin C

One of the most important anti-oxidants in our bodies and helpful to reduce allergies! Add a scoop of mixed berries to your smoothie or snack on an orange or kiwi to get your dose of C

3.  Vitamin D

The Sunshine Vitamin, often difficult to get in the winter. This vitamin is important for keeping bones strong, improving mood and immune system! Cod liver oil is a good source

4.  Vitamin K

Found in our leafy greens including broccoli and spinach. Vitamin K is important to build strong bones along with Vitamin D

5.  Vitamin E

Another important anti-oxidant to protect our cells especially our red blood cells. Make a trail mix of sunflower seeds, pecans and hazelnuts and enjoy a lovely mid-afternoon snack!

6.  Magnesium

Marvelous magnesium is a wonderful mineral to help combat constipation, muscle cramping and insomnia! Eat your beans – soybeans, kidney beans and lima beans are great sources!

7.  Calcium

An important mineral to help prevent osteoporosis. Also helpful for insomnia along with magnesium! Some non-dairy suggestions include turnip greens, collard greens, rhubarb and sardines. 

8.  Iron

Feeling tired? Incorporate some more iron rich foods into your daily diet! Beef and liver are fantastic animal sources.  Lentils, lima beans and the leafy greens are vegetarian sources

9.  Zinc

important to enhance immune function in the winter months and help reduce skin concerns from the dry weather! Add some pumpkin seeds to your daily routine to increase that Zinc in your diet.

10.  Vitamin B1

Known as Thiamin, helps keep our nervous and cardiovascular system healthy. Brewer’s yeast added to oatmeal will provide you with some B1!

11.  Vitamin B2

Known as Riboflavin, helps with metabolism and converting the food we eat into useable energy! Best food sources include organ meats, dairy products and eggs.

12.  Vitamin B3

Known as Niacin, also helpful for metabolism. Can help reduce cholesterol as well! Food sources of niacin include turkey, chicken, sunflower seeds and avocado.

13.  Vitamin B5

Known as Pantethine, is great at reducing stress hormone (cortisol) levels! Foods to eat that are high in B5 – yogurt, salmon and sunflower seeds!

14.  Vitamin B6

B6 is a favorite female vitamin! Known to help reduce PMS and irritability it’s a great one to eat! Wild tuna, salmon, bananas and sweet potatoes have B6

15.  Vitamin B12

Our fantastic energy vitamin! Helps protect our brain and nervous systems as well. Animal sources give you your best bang – beef liver, sardines and cottage cheese rank high for B12 content

16.  Iodine

Supports thyroid function, energy levels and metabolism. Iodine-rich foods include kelp and dulse are good sources

17.  Selenium

A fantastic mineral for immune system and thyroid function, Three – four brazil nuts per day give you your daily dose of Selenium

18.  Vitamin B9 

Folate, important to keep red blood cells healthy. Best food sources include chickpeas, lentils and our favorite….spinach!


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