Seven Places to Go Cross-Country Skiing in Calgary

Seven Places to Go Cross-Country Skiing in Calgary


Cross-country is one of the most accessible and popular Nordic sports. Since you aren't relying on gravity (like in downhill skiing), your momentum and speed is entirely dependent on your body's strength and stride. You can even get the kiddos out there on skis to make it a local and fun family activity.

You don't even have to leave the city limits to get out there for a good ski. We are excited to share with you SEVEN places in our gorgeous city of ours, Calgary: 

1. Shaganappi Point Golf Course

Location: 1200 26 Street SW, Calgary
Shaganappi Point Golf Course is located in the central SW, just minutes from downtown. This park's tracks are set and maintained by the Calgary Ski Club volunteers.

2. Confederation Golf Course

Location: 3204 Collingwood Drive NW, Calgary
Confederation Golf Course is located in the NW and its tracks are maintained by the Foothills Nordic Ski Club

3. Canmore Park

Location: 2836 Canmore Road NW, Calgary
This is one of the city's newest groomed trails. Also known as North Capitol Hill Park, these tracks in the NW are maintained by the Foothills Nordic Ski Club

4. Maple Ridge Golf Course

Location: 1240 Mapleglade Drive SE, Calgary
Maple Ridge is a great option for those in the SE part of the city.

5. Lakeview Golf Course

Location: 5840 19 Street SW, Calgary
Just a stone's throw from our clinic location, Lakeview is great option. Keep in mind that over the 2016/2017 season, tracks will not be set due to construction in the area. 

6. South Glenmore Park

Location: 90 Avenue SW and 24 Street SW, Calgary
Located in the SW on the south side of the Glenmore Resevoir, South Glenmore Park is another groomed trail within the city. 

7. Bowness Park

Location: 8900 48 Avenue NW, Calgary
Make a full day and go skating after your ski at Bowness Park. The Skate Shop there is operated by the U of C Outdoor Centre.

Get out, enjoy our city and the winter wonderland it has to offer!


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