Six Ways to Eat For Your Hormones

Six Ways to Eat For Your Hormones


January is a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, renewed energy to focus on health and well-being…what better time to rebalance the ever-important endocrine system. Whether it’s re-gaining a menstrual cycle after years on the birth control pill, wrangling in hormones after labour and delivery, or transitioning gracefully through menopause, there are a ton of things we can do in our daily lives to harmonize our hormones.

1.  Liver-loving foods

The liver is foundational to healthy hormones; it converts nutrients from the food we eat into activated forms, stores vitamins + minerals, and produces proteins and enzymes to maintain hormone balances in our bodies.

2. Get smart with Fat

Healthy oils are the building block of our hormones. Gone are the days of our parents’ vendetta to avoid all-that-is-fat – so soak up some rich, delicious oils.

3. Ancient Grains and Complex carbohydrates

Choose the right Carbs! Avoid white carbs – they are depleted of their natural vitamins, minerals and fibers, and are usually higher on the glycemic index. Complex carbohydrates and lean proteins help stabilize our blood glucose and hormones.

4. Fibres for estrogen and hormone detox

Fibres help with the final removal of excess hormones that have been excreted from the liver – without them, we risk them being reabsorbed from the gastrointestinal track and into the body.

5.  Keep an eye on portion sizes

Fat-soluble toxins are stored in our fat cells, so maintaining a healthy body composition is important to hormone balance in the body.

6.  Spice it up!

Adding fresh, or dried spices and herbs can spice up the taste buds, and the body.
This is a good start for hormone harmony – but you may find that you will need to do more investigation into specific hormone levels, or ramping up treatment with acupuncture, botanical medicine or specific hormone support. Find a local naturopathic doctor to help you with the detective work!
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